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The Circular Effect

In what we call the "Circular Effect" it's as simple as realizing that the information your business provides on the internet gives current and potential customers sources to find and learn more about your business. By circulating that information on multiple sites, it allows them to find it in the media that they prefer. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. Now the question is where are potential customers finding your business? Whose putting that information there? Is it you?


What is the FIRST IMPRESSION that you want to give a Potential Customer?  A Web Design, a true Design promotes your Company as being Fresh, New and Innovative. Creating that image takes not just time but Skill and Expertise. Our Goal is to bring out all that your Company has to offer in Photos, Videos and Content. Providing the Customer with the edge he needs to decide to choose your Business.


Marketing your Business in the 21st Century is about providing information for potential clients across multiple platforms. It’s being able to communicate your message with a consistent and professional look. The average person decides in under ONE SECOND whether they like your sites, yes one second! Is that what Potential Clients are doing when they see your online information? Hitting the back button?


Over 20 yrs of Experience

About InternetGuru4u.com

We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with 

care and consideration.

With over 20 years in the Print and Digital Media Platforms including the last 4 years running the Social Media for Where Traveler Miami to distribution of 122k bi-monthly magazines and over 50k guestbooks in over 400 hotels in South Florida. We have built Websites and Social Media sites for professional athletes, doctors, restaurants and a wide variety of clients.  

"We KNOW Social Media & Websites" at InternetGuru4u.com

The Internet and especially Social Media are constantly in motion and evolving almost daily and demands that YOU hire a Company that understands how to make it work for YOUR BUSINESS.  We have a Very High Standard of Excellence and a team with Diverse  Skills to Create an Internet Presence for Your Business that stands  above the rest.

No issue is too big or too small its about Attention to Detail!

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